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BBSPA Caspian and Black Sea Oil & Gas Seminar

The BBSPA Caspian and Black Sea
Oil & Gas Seminar

10 March 2011, Park Hyatt Hotel, Baku

Michael Arenella, Marine Manager, Chevron Eurasia, Transportation of Caspian Crude Oil to the Black Sea

Liana Jervalidze, Expert on Energy and Regional Issues, Georgia for Transit Development, Transparency and Regional Integration (GTDTRI), Research Fellow, The International School of Caucasus Studies (Ilia State University)

 Kamal Mamedzade, Of Counsel, Salans Wolfgang Sporrer, Country Manager Caspian Region, OMV Gas & Power Azerbaijan 

Julia Nanay, Senior Director – Markets & Country Strategies Group, PFC Energy

Giorgi Vashakmadze, Director Corporate Development, White Stream Consortium

John Roberts, Energy Security Specialist, Platts

BBSPA Infastructure & Investment in Oil & Gas Seminar

 BBSPA Infastructure & Investment in Oil & Gas Seminar

16 December 2010, Bucharest, the Intercontinental Hotel
Focusing on oil pipeline projects, gas pipeline projects and interconnections, gas storages and LNG, the seminar will respond to the need for investment strategies development and project prioritization. 


Milena Messori, Head of Bucharest Office, EIB
EIB Support for Oil & Gas Investments

Frederik P. S. Kjerulf, Senior Economist, Gas Division,,
Impact of Tariff Structures on Investing in Infrastructure

Riccardo Rocca, Business Development Manager, Edison,
ITGI Project: Status of Development

Vladimir Djurovic, Head of Development Department, Plinacro,
Investments in The Natural Gas Infrastructure in The Republic Of Croatia
Gas Infrastructure in The Republic Of Croatia

Norbert Perge-Olah, Sales and Marketing Department, E.On Foeldgaz Storage,
Flexibility Optimisation with E.ON in Romania

Srdjan Mihajlovic, General Manager, Transnafta,
The Pan-European Oil Pipeline Project (PEOP)

Marc Fauveau, Project Director Business Development, Storengy
Gas Storage Key Challenges

Tanguy Moulin-Fournier, Vice President Strategy – Gas and Power, GDF SUEZ Energy, Eastern Europe

BBSPA Oil and Gas Pricing Workshop

 BBSPA Oil and Gas Pricing Workshop

28 September 2010, Sofia, The Sheraton Hotel


Mike Fulwood, Principal, Global Gas, Nexant
Developments in Gas Pricing and Implications for South East Europe and Black Sea Region

Dimitar Petrov, President of Energy Regulatory Commission of the Republic of Macedonia
Oil and Gas Markets Overview of the Republic of Macedonia

Lyudmil Garkov, Deloitte
Impact of Gas Spot Market on Long-Term Supply Contracts

Dr. Michael Thomadakis, Vice President, Regulatory Authority for Energy of Greece (RAE)
Gas Price Indexation and Regulative Framework for the Development of Regional Gas Trade

Jim Nicholson, Global Business Development Manager, Argus Media Ltd.
International Gas Markets and the Development of Regional Hubs

Angel Semerdjiev, Chairman of the Bulgarian Energy and Water Regulation Commission
Gas Pricing – Viewpoints of The Regulator

Blagomir Minov, Legal Counsel, Tsvetkova, Bebov & Partners, A corresponding law firm of Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Gas and Fuel Pricing Methodologies and Their Harmonisation across the Region

Philip Gueorguiev, Senior Consultant, BA Management Consulting, Pцyry Energy
Impact of Intermittent Renewable Sources Development on Gas and Power Markets and Prices: Examples from Long-term Modelling Studies on the UK/Ireland and SEE Regions




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