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Balkan and Black Sea Petroleum Association

BBSPA was founded in 1995 in Sofia as a non-governmental and non-profit organization. The association facilitates regional oil and gas market development, liberalization and diversification, information exchange and promotes regional projects, business opportunities and encourages investments.

BBSPA is an organization bringing together the main oil and gas and energy companies in the Balkan region, together with major multinational firms, interested in the region. The association provides a forum for formal and informal exchange of information and views and facilitates discussion and debate on the issues of the energy sector in the region through its annual conferences and meetings.

BBSPA facilitates the improvement of investment climate in the petroleum industry and the implementation of business ethics and good practices according to international standards.

BBSPA is observing regional energy markets, publishes  market reports and supports web-hosted data base available for the members of the association.

Current membership of the BBSPA comprises:

Gas Connect Austria

BBSPA Members can participate in the General Meeting held once per year in an online format and receive BBSPA monthly publications.

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Balkan and Black Sea Petroleum Association