Vienna 2022 Presentations

Kostadin Sirleshtov, Partner, CMS
Regulatory responses of CEE states to Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine
(How do we make sure that diversification and interconnectivity really happens)

  • Overview of the regulatory responses of CEE member states are implementing as a result of the supply challenges.
  • Supply, storage and price signals for CEE – the years ahead and how we can support the changes.
  • The role of EU in the upcoming regulatory responses.
  • The role of the national Governments in the upcoming regulatory responses.

Mohammad Fallah, Black Sea Exploration Manager, OMV Petrom Upstream
Black Sea deep water exploration; what’s been done and what’s coming next

Valery Konyushenko, CFO, Mazarine Energy
Mazarine Energy and the position of private upstream players in emerging landscape. 2.0

Julian Bowden, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Caspian Gas Supplies to Europe

Giorgi Tatishvili, Head of State Agency for Oil and Gas of Georgia

  • Upstream sector management and benefits in Georgia
  • Offshore tender information (including financial details)
  • Prospective onshore projects
  • Legislative novelties related to energy transactions

Christian Filippitsch, Partner, Reed Smith
Update on recent EU Antitrust and Regulatory developments affecting the gas sector

  • High noon in the EU gas markets: EU Commission takes action to fight high gas prices and secure gas supply in the EU
  • EU Measures to facilitate the energy transaction

Michael Polkinghorne, Partner, White and Case
European Gas Markets: Where to Next?
As turmoil dominates European and global gas markets, one can be forgiven for taking one’s eye off the longer term prospects for gas and LNG pricing. Michael will consider whether what we have seen in the past can be any guide to the future; notably given climate change concerns, which will clearly be part of the new global picture.

Predrag Grujicic, Head of Gas Unit, Energy Community Secretariat

Martin Bliem, Senior Sales Manager, Sales Transmission & Distribution, Gas Connect Austria
Tariffication in a high energy price environment

  • Commodity tariffs – the solution?
  • Legislation – limited flexibility?
  • Austrian transmission tariff structure – the challenges!

Teodora Georgieva, Executive Director, ICGB

Gottfried Steiner, CEO, CEGH
Exploring new opportunities: How CEGH is approaching the upcoming changes in the energy market

  • Current high gas price environment: Impact on gas trading in CEE
  • Trading of Green Gases – Biomethane and Hydrogen
  • Implementation of the new market model for Austria

Filimon Antonopoulos, Managing Director, Tallon Commodities
Factors to consider on oil & gas price risk management (hedging)

  • Examples for the current oil market price curve
  • Crude vs Products
  • Examples for the natural gas market price curve
  • LNG vs Pipeline vs Brent Slope

Peter Arp, Vice President Supply & Origination Projects East, Uniper Global Commodities
New Gas Supply Drivers

  • New market frame created by geopolitics
  • Security of supply; where we are and what to do
  • Decarbonization as a driving force for independency

David Tonge, Director, IBS Research and Consultancy
Turkey after the invasion of Ukraine
Even before Russian troops entered Ukraine on February 24, Turkey was living a troubled gas winter, with a return of the gas cuts which had characterised most of the last decade. 45% of the country’s gas supplies last year came from Russia – as did one-third of its coal. What can BOTAŞ do to reduce this dependence? And, with LNG spot prices settled so far above the costs of pipeline gas, does Ankara want this?

Ilona Vari, Leader for EU Regulatory Affairs, MOL Group
Development of EU decarbonisation policies and key challenges of the oil and gas industry

  • Fit for 55 package aiming to move away from fossil fuels
  • Extending carbon policies to transport sector and buildings
  • Future of natural gas in the energy transition
  • EU policy makers’ vision on hydrogen
  • Expected impact of Fit for 55 package on security of energy supply

Matteo Bardotti, West South Europe Offshore Senior Key Account Manager Marine & Offshore, Lloyd’s Register
A new concept to design greener offshore O&G exploitation and production assets
The energy transition mainstream topic imposes to redefine the design concept of new offshore assets in order to limit the future carbon footprint of the related supply chain and to speed up the return on investment.

Gas Infrastructure Europe in person
Erik Kolstø, Commercial Director, NET4GAS
Hydrogen transition is real

  • Gas networks are getting ready to convert from natural gas, via hydrogen blending to pure hydrogen (EHB, Ready4H2)
  • The important role of natural gas in the transitional period (coal exit, security of supply)
  • The regulation of hydrogen blending and pure hydrogen networks – the KISS principle
  • Example of concrete hydrogen corridors in the region (CEHC, H2EU+Store)

Bernd Rajal, Partner, Schoenherr
Regulatory framework for hydrogen for Europe.