Exploring Possibilities for Utilization of Existing and Future Gas Pipeline and Storage Capacities, Sofia Regulatory Seminar

Exploring Possibilities for Utilization of Existing and Future Gas Pipeline and Storage Capacities

BBSPA Regulatory and Legal Workshop, October 16 2012, at the Grand Hotel Sofia, Sofia, Bulgaria

BP •  British Embassy Sofia • Bulgargaz •  Bulgartransgaz •  Bulgarian State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission •  EGL • ENTSOG • Dechert LLP •  DEPA •  Kambourov & Partners •  KPMG Romania •  Norton Rose LLP •  Spasov & Bratanov Lawyers’ Partnership •  OpenGrid Europe •  RAE – Energy Regulatory Authority of Greece • Transgaz

• Existing regulations on capacity trading in liquid and illiquid markets. Capacity reservation   and tenders;  
 • Implementation of competitive market-oriented national and EU regulations on capacity usage;   Commission guidelines on cross-border network codes and gas target model;  
 • Interruptible capacities or "use-or-lose options”;  
 • Review of regional cross-border gas flows and free capacities status-quo;  
 • Using existing capacities, capacity expansion and/or building new infrastructure;  
 • EU gas infrastructure package and ten-year network development plan.

Session I: Regulatory and Legal Aspects of Competitive Markets

   Cross-Border Gas Infrastructure and Flows in the BBS Area

Introductory Review by Valentin Kunev, Manager, BBSPA

    Olivier Lebois, Senior Adviser, System Development, ENTSOG, Union-wide TYNDP, a Shared Platform for the Assessment of European Gas Infrastructures

•    Wim Vandenberghe, Counsel, Dechert LLP -Brussels,Pan-European Network Codes and Market Design: Opportunities and Challenges for the Gas Industry

•    Christian Filippitsch, Partner, Norton Rose LLP, Dominant Cases on Capacity Booking in the European Energy Market

Session II: Cross-Border Gas Trading – Views from Traders, TSO and Regulators

•    Harry Sachinis, Chairman and CEO, DEPA – Public Gas Corporation of Greece SA

•    Kiril Temelkov, CEO, Bulgartransgaz, Using Existing Capacities and Capacity Expansion Plans on the Territory of Bulgaria

•    Bulgarian State Energy and Water Regulatory Commission

•    Dimitar Gogov, CEO, Bulgargaz

•    Dr. Katerina Sardi, Head, Energy Planning and International Affairs, RAE – Energy Regulatory Authority of Greece, Supplying  Natural Gas from the Revythoussa LNG Terminal to Bulgaria via the Existing Pipeline System: Facts, Rules and Requirements

Session III: Regulatory, Commercial and Political Implications of Transition to Gas Target Model

•    Oliver Altenhoff, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Open Grid Europe, Recent Developments Regarding Access to the German and EU Market 

•    Doug Wood, Head of Regulatory Affairs, BP Gas Marketing