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We are aimed at: 

  • Encouraging and developing cooperation between the oil and gas organisations in the Balkan and Black Sea region and creating new business opportunities in the oil and gas industry in the region.
  • Promoting the development of the regional oil and gas market and realizing regional initiatives and projects in the field of exploration, production, distribution and marketing of oil and gas in the Balkan and Black Sea region.
  • Exchanging and offerring relevant to the oil and gas industry information and encouraging investment by regional and international oil and gas companies in the Balkan and Black Sea region.
  • Facilitating the improvement of the petroleum legislation in the region.

In order to achieve all that we:

  1. Organize and carry out discussions, symposia, meetings, round tables, etc.
  2. Organize and finance different research programmes and projects.
  3. Participate in projects and activities, connected with the fulfillment of the purposes of the Association, organized by other organizations.
  4. Publicate a specialized magazine (bulletin);
  5. Prepare, publicate and distribute materials, facilitating for achieving the purposes of the Association;
  6. Organize paid training courses, seminars, etc.;
  7. And others.