17th Annual BBSPA Conference – Agenda

17 Annual BBSPA Conference, April 7-8, 2011

The Marriott Hotel, Vienna

All sessions of the Conference will take place in the A+B Ballroom at the Marriott Hotel, Vienna


08:00 – 08:50 Registration and Coffee
8:50-9:05 Opening Speech by BBSPA: Regional Developments 2010, Dr. Valentin Kunev, Manager, BBSPA

09:05 – 12:50 Morning Session

Session I: Upstream and Supply
Session Chairman: Dr. Gabor Tari, Group Chief Scientist for Geology, OMV Exploration & Production

09:05 – 09:25
OMV Exploration & Production
Key-note Speech: Exploration in Mature Areas – Does it Pay?
Dr. Walter Hamilton, Vice President Global Exploration, OMV Exploration & Production

Ministry of Environmental Protection of Ukraine
Key-note Speech: Oil & Gas E & P in Ukraine: Investment Opportunities
Dr. Volodymyr Ignashchenko, First Deputy Minister of Environmental Protection of Ukraine

09:25 – 09:50
RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group
Update of Upstream Activities in Ukraine
Dr. Irina Paliashvili, President and Senior Counsel, RULG-Ukrainian Legal Group

09:50 – 10:15
What is the Future for Deepwater Operations?
Dean Watson, Vice President Deepwater Operations, Schlumberger

10:15 – 10:40
Wood Mackenzie
Niall Rowantree, European Upstream Research Analyst, Wood Mackenzie

10:40-11:10 Coffee Break sponsored by OMV

11:10 – 11:35
Sterling Resources Romania
Developing Romania’s First Offshore Gas Fields – Challenges and Opportunities
Mark Beacom, Vice President and General Manager, Sterling Resources Romania

11:35 – 12:00
Sund Energy
Impact of Unconventional Gas Reserves on Policies and Prices in Europe
Karen Sund, Chairman & CEO, Sund Energy

12:00 – 12:25
Petroleum Development Consultants
Upstream Gas Exploration and Gas Demand
David Aron, Managing Director, Petroleum Development Consultants

12:25 – 12:50
Sam Phillips, EU Affairs Manager, OGP

12:50 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00- 18:15 Afternoon Session

Session II: Legal and Regulatory Regime
Session Chairman: Dr. Valentin Kunev, Manager, BBSPA

14:00 – 14:25
Directorate-General for Energy, the European Commission
Key-note Speech: EU Policy for Security of Supply, Gas Markets and Infrastructure
Jean-Arnold Vinois, Head of Unit Energy Policy & Security of Supply, DG Energy, EC

14:25 – 14:50
Recent Gas Regulatory and Market Developments in Greece
Dr. Michael Thomadakis, Member of the Board, RAE

Session III: Infrastructure, Markets and Prices – Gas
Session Chairman: Julian Bowden, BP

14:50 – 15:15
The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies
Key-note Speech: The Move Towards Gas to Gas Pricing and its Effect on the BBS Region
Prof. Jonathan Stern, Director of Gas Research, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

15:15 – 15:40
What it Takes to Make LNG a Reality in the Black Sea Region
Rudolf Huber, Head of Business Development, EconGas

15:40 – 16:10 Coffee Break

16:10 – 16:35
Argus Media
International Gas Markets and the Development of Regional Hubs
Matt Monteverde, Editor, Argus European Natural Gas Report

16:35 – 17:00
Global Gas Pricing Developments and Implications for South East Europe
Mike Fulwood, Principal Consultant, Global Gas, Nexant

17:00 – 17:25
Poten & Partners
Role of LNG Supplies to Europe and the Balkan and Black Sea Region
Jan Bruil, LNG Expert, Poten & Partners

17:25 – 17:50
Mott Macdonald Limited
Creating Flexibility Using CNG
David Linden, Senior Consultant Oil & Gas, Mott MacDonald Limited

17:50 – 18:15
Georgia as a Transit Country
Dr. Liana Jervalidze, Expert on Energy and Regional Issues, GTDTRI, Research Fellow, The International School of
Caucasus Studies (Ilia State University)


8:00 – 9:00 Welcome Coffee Break

9:00- 13:55 Morning Session

Session III: Infrastructure, Markets and Prices – Gas
Session Chairman: Tanguy Moulin-Fournier, Vice-President Strategy Gas & Power, GDF Suez Energy Eastern Europe

09:00 – 09:25
Key-note Speech: Shah Deniz Development & Supply Options
Julian Bowden, BP

09:25 – 09:50
Trans-Adriatic Pipeline
Integrated Development of TAP Pipeline and TAP Storage
Albert Haak, Gas Storage Manager, Trans Adriatic Pipeline

09:50 – 10:15
Latest Gas Infrastructure Developments in Croatia
Vladimir Djurovic, Head of Development Department, Plinacro

10:15 – 10:45
RWE Supply & Trading
The Development of a Liberalized Gas Market in Central Europe
Erik Kolstö, Head of Gas Supply & Capacity East, RWE Supply & Trading

10:45 – 11:20
The Role of eustream and Slovakia for the Security of Supply of Countries
Antoine Jourdain, Chairman of the Board, eustream

11:20 – 11:50 Coffee Break sponsored by OMV

11:50 – 12:15
White Stream
The Role of White Stream Project in Opening of the Southern Corridor
Dr. Giorgi Vashakmadze, Director Corporate Development, White Stream

12:15 – 12:40
GDF SUEZ Energy Eastern Europe
Security of Supply – Investments in Infrastructures and Market Tools
Tanguy Moulin-Fournier, Vice-President Strategy Gas & Power, GDF Suez Energy Eastern Europe

12:40 – 13:05
E.ON Földgaz Storage
Utilisation of Interconnectors and Gas Infrastructure in the CEE Region
Norbert Perge-Oláh, Sales & Marketing Department, E.ON Foeldgaz Storage

13:05 – 13:30
MOL Group
Risk Assessment and Evaluation of Projects/Acquisitions in the Context of Enterprise-wide Risk Management
Dénes Doszpod, Head of Group Risk Management, MOL Group

13:30 – 13:55
Investing to Develop Regional Gas Markets – Role of an Independent TSO
Frederik P. S. Kjerulf, Senior Economist, Gas Division, Energinet.dk

13:55- 14:55 Lunch

14:55 – 15:20
Development of Continental European Gas Traded Markets
Domenico Vito, Chairman, Task Force CEEG, EFET

15:20 – 15:45
OMV Gas & Power
Diversification of European Natural Gas Supply: from Baku and Baghdad to Baumgarten
Teodora Boteva, International Business Development Manager, OMV Gas and Power

Session III: Infrastructure, Markets and Prices – Oil
Session Chairman: Dr. Valentin Kunev, Manager, BBSPA

15:45 – 16:10
JBC Energy
European Oil Supply Situation in the Light of Russian Policy Changes and Global Supply/Trade Shifts
Alexander Pögl, Head of Business Development, JBC Energy

16:10 – 16:40 Coffee Break

16:40 – 17:05
PFC Energy
Shifting Refining Dynamics: Winners and Losers in Eastern Europe, the Black Sea and Balkans
Hans Stege, Analyst, Downstream and Petrochemical Group, PFC Energy

17:05 – 17:30
Petromarket Research Group
Russia’s Oil Product Market: Crises Passed – What is Further?
Dr. Yakov Ruderman, General Director, Petromarket Research Group