BBSPA Statistical Review 2017


BBSPA seeks to enhance on a continuously improving basis our understanding of the energy markets and systems of the countries within the Balkan and Black Sea region.  With this in mind, the purpose of this Statistical Review is to assemble and present for all the countries of the region high-level supply/demand numbers on oil, gas, coal and electricity and also oil and gas prices.

The intention is to present this data on a regular annual basis.  Countries within the region tend to report in different levels of detail and with varying time lags.  Coverage is therefore uneven, but it is also becoming more comprehensive.  For instance, Ukraine’s energy reporting has improved enormously in the last few years.  This Review will evolve over time to reflect such improvements.



Regional highlights in 2017



Crude output down by 4%, excluding Serbia.

Refinery throughputs up 4%, excluding Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.



Production of gasoline increased by 3%, excluding Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina  and Serbia.

Consumption down by 2%, excluding Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Serbia.



Production increased by 4%, excluding Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Consumption up by 7%,  excluding Albania, Georgia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.


Fuel oil

Production increased by 5%, excluding Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Consumption up by 4%, excluding  Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia and Serbia.



Output up 2% due to increase in Romania and Ukraine.

Demand up 15%, concentrated in Turkey and Ukraine.



Coal production (without Albania and Georgia) up by 5%.

Coal consumption (without Albania and Georgia) up by 9%.



Electricity production (without Serbia and Georgia) up by 3%.

Electricity consumption (without Serbia and Georgia) up by 3%.


Oil & gas import dependency

Crude oil import dependency was 88%, up by  2%.

Gas import dependency was 71%, up by 1%.


Exploration activity  Deep water exploration activities continued in Romania, Bulgaria and Greece. Greece launched new tenders for deep water exploration blocks.


Introduction  3

I. BBSPA statistical review

Oil production  and refinery throughput 4-5

Gas production and consumption 6-7

Oil and gas import dependency  8

Fuel (gasoline, diesel and fuel oil)

production and consumption 9-14

Electricity production and consumption 15-16

Coal production and consumption 17-18

Oil, Gas, Fuels, Electricity and Coal Import-Export 19

Gas Prices:

Brent, CEGH and Henry Hub 20

Border (Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary and Greece), LNG (Greece) and  CEGH  21

II. Gas flows and supplies 2223


III. Gas import contracts 24-25


IV. Upstream activities update:

  • Albania 26-27
  • Bulgaria 28
  • Croatia 29
  • Greece 30-31
  • Hungary 32
  • Romania 33


V.  Gas pipeline projects status:

  • Gas pipeline projects in the region 34
  • Projects under design 35
  • Projects under construction 36-37




Balkan and Black Sea Petroleum Association